Power BI

Actionable insights presented with stunning visuals!

According to Gartner, Power BI is the worlds leading Business Intelligence (BI) visualisation tool and it is easy to see why it is so popular.

With Power BI, it is easy to take your own data and turn it into a Dashboard that:

  • combines data from multiple sources

  • provides actionable insights

  • is easy to understand

  • is visually stunning

  • is available everywhere in multiple formats

Power BI is a powerful tool and it is intuitive for users to learn. The keys to making a great visual in Power BI are:

  • know your audience and what they need

  • prepare your data carefully

  • don't overload the canvas

  • focus on key success metrics

At Inasolve our core strength is system integration. We have the Power BI capability and data expertise and to make an integrated BI solution for your organisation.

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